Excellent bakery! I placed a special order and was so pleased to find Baker’s Way! Fresh and delicious-tasting bread with great service.  The front counter people were friendly and the atmosphere is very cafe-like. Definitely support a small business such as this one…instead of spending your lunch at a chain.
Erin R.



Next time you want flavorful Rye bread or want to make hoagie sandwiches for your crowd, stop in this bakery (off of Arapahoe about a block west of Sunflower).  Fantastic!
Brian G.



Great sandwich and great service.  I got the veggie delight.  Everything was fresh and the bread was delicious.  I got my sandwich-to-go fast.  While I was waiting, I was eyeing out their baked goods case. It was full of delicious looking pastries, cookies, fresh bread, and danish.  I will be back.
Jodi C.



I finally stopped into this little, family-run bakery on recommendations from some friends and family.  It’s a fairly large space with displays for the goods up in the front and a number of tables and chairs setup throughout the rest of the location.  They’ve got a little bookshelf with a number of books if you want to hang out and sip coffee. I just had the Bakers Turkey sandwhich, and was pleasantly surprised.  First off, it’s a big sandwhich, they put a lot of ingredients in these.  The bread was excellent and very fresh.  The turkey nice, the bacon bits a nice textural surprise, and fresh condiments. All this for a good price and what I’d call “quick” place service where you place your order, sit down, and they’ll bring it out to your relatively quickly.
Terri B.



Just had box lunches brought in for one of our company functions.  Everything was handled perfectly, from the customer service, on time delivery, amazing sandwiches, and good price.  I will definitely be using Baker’s Way again for our catering needs.  They even went out of their way to make sure  one of our employees who has dietary limitations had a nice lunch, even though they had to go to the store just for that one person.  I highly recommend Baker’s Way.

Elizabeth M.